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What does an E-Design project look like?

By now if you've spent any time on Pinterest or Instagram looking at Interior Designers you've no doubt heard about a new service that many designers and design companies are offering called E-Design. I've written about this a bit in my blog as well, but here's an in-depth example for you to see what it's really all about.

So let's start at the beginning...

E-design is basically using technology to create a design for a space that I may never have seen (because it's across the country) for a client I've never met in person (either because of distance or scheduling conflicts). I, the designer, will gather information from the client such as the measurements and features of the space they want designed, their personal tastes, and their budget. I will then create a furniture layout and a shopping list for them - all communicated via their own custom page on my website. Then at their convenience they will purchase the items and arrange the space according to my directions. Voila! A designer's touch entirely on the client's preferred schedule.

A little background...

I'm part of a tribe of Interior Designers who are collaborating to bring awareness to this niche as well as help each other learn new skills, tricks, and software all to help elevate the industry. Recently we were given a chance to participate in a contest to test our skills. Below is my entry for you all to see.

This project started out with the following information: A drawing of the room with the dimensions, as well as the size and location of windows and doors. A photograph of the flooring was included as well, since it's new and the homeowner does not want to replace it. I was told that this room could be used for either a dining room or living room (as there are options elsewhere in the house for the other to be located).

Since this room is quite long, I decided to divide it into 2 spaces - one for dining, and a small home library.

We were also told to create an imaginary client for this project - and most of the time when that's the case, it's a great chance to get really out there and do something dramatic! My client for this room is a family with 2 children, maybe young elementary aged. This room functions as their dining room, as well as a small library/reading area. The dining table seats 6 so they can have grandparents or friends over for dinner, but it's also a comfortable size for doing homework. On the other end of the room is a wall of bookcases and a comfortable chaise lounge for reading together.

I love the fun personality of the room. It starts out simple with a neutral wood-look floor, pale green walls, and even a nature inspired wallpaper mural on one wall. Then you start to notice the quirky details like the cloud shaped light fixtures in front of the bookcases, the cloud painted ceiling medallion above the dining table, and the dramatic navy blue ceiling.

What probably catches your eye is the vivid colors against that neutral backdrop. A custom and colorful patchwork upholstered chaise and alternating neutral / bold striped dining chairs around the table give the room a kick of excitement it needs to keep up with this young family.

So at this point (if you were the client for this proposed space), I would upload all of this to your individual client page on my website for you to review and make comments on. If I needed to revise anything (let's say you don't care for the artwork and want me to find a different piece that fits) you would let me know and I would find a few new options.

Once everything has been finalized, I will upload your final shopping list with clickable links to each item that's been selected for you. You can than purchase them at your convenience, and then use my notes to arrange your space.

Here is a sample of what your personalized page could look like:

Like what you see? Here's a few similar choices that are readily available on Amazon. Email me at and I can send you a .pdf with clickable links to take you straight to these items.

Do you have any questions about E-Design? Drop them in the comments below or send me an email.

Also, if you're an interior designer who is curious about E-Design and how you can add services like this to your business, here's a link to the E-Design Tribe courses you can purchase. E-Design Tribe on Teachable. (FYI, it's an affiliate link)

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