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Rustic Charm Meets Adventure: Creating Your Mountain Retreat

Welcome to our latest "Shop the Look" post, where we bring you a bedroom design that will transport you to the serene beauty of the mountains while adding a touch of whimsy.

Picture this: a captivating wall mural depicting majestic peaks, complemented by bedding with leather accents that exude rustic elegance. And let's not forget the playful element—a tongue-in-cheek 'wood' printed throw pillow that adds a dash of humor. To tie it all together, we've adorned the floor with a stylish black and white striped rug, and incorporated natural elements such as a basket art wall and a ceramic planter shaped like a deer.

The best part? You can easily find these fantastic items on Amazon. Just click the links below and let your imagination take flight.

As with any home décor project, when creating a space that you love, trust your instincts and do what makes you happy! As Rebecca often says... "if you love it, it will work!"

*these are affiliate links and we do make a small percentage of each sale*


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