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new home plans

New Home plans

Don't I need to hire an architect if I'm looking to have a new home designed and built?

No! I am a trained space planner and drafter and can create a set of plans that you can take to most any builder and have built. I can also draft the necessary blueprints (though they're not blue anymore) and construction documents to get your project approved for the necessary city building permit.  


*I have done this in Montana.  Other states may have additional regulations, but the builder you choose can typically take care of those.

Why is an Interior Designer the best person to design my new custom home plan?

Interior Designers are trained to focus on the interior living environment above all else.  In fact, in design school, we often will design the furniture layout first, and then draw walls around them to essentially build a house "from the inside out".  If you want your next home to function with this level of attention to detail, an interior designer is the best professional to hire.

Why should I hire you when I can find plans on the internet for free?

First of all, those plans are not custom.  If you want a home that is 100% designed for you and your family, you need to work one-on-one with a trained designer.  Secondly, many of those online plans are churned out a dime a dozen and are vague on measurements (so your builder would have to re-draw them before they could begin construction anyway).  Thirdly, they are often missing essential things such as mechanical rooms, and proper allowances for modern furniture and appliances.  For example, most of the laundry rooms are drawn up with the old standard 30" square washer & dryers, when most modern machines are significantly larger and won't fit in a standard depth closet.

How long will my project take?

The turnaround time for a custom floorplan is usually only a week or two.  Send me your brainstorming (wishlists, plans that are close but not quite, and any scribbles you've come up with) and I'll pull it together.  Once the first draft is done we can make as many revisions as you need to get it perfect.



So, are you a decorator?

Yes and no. I am an Interior Designer. While not all decorators are trained to be designers, most designers (like me) do offer decorating services as part of their full-service packages.

If I want to remodel my home when should I hire an Interior  Designer?

As soon as possible! An Interior Designer (like me) can help you clarify your needs and create a detailed plan for your project. By creating a road map up front your project will run more smoothly, and be more predictable in terms of timeline and budget. As your designer I can coordinate subcontractors and product ordering to ensure a worry-free project from start to finish and prevent costly mistakes.

Can you help me rearrange my existing furniture, hang my artwork, or pick a paint color?

Yes I can.  I can also use your existing furniture and accessories as a starting point and help you to identify any new pieces you need to complete the space.

Will you force me to follow the latest design trend or design my room the same as my neighbor's?

No! The best compliment I can get is for your friends and family to ask what you've done with the place instead of asking who your designer is (though I love referrals). I want your space to showcase your personality and individual sense of style. It's simply my job to help refine that a bit and use my expertise to give it a bit of professional polish.

How long will my project take?

That depends entirely on what you want to achieve.  If you are just looking to redecorate I can usually complete that in a few hours or a week (unless we need to special order items).  Remodels or additions take about a month for the initial design and planning phase, and anywhere from 2-6 months for the construction phase, depending on the size and complexity (a kitchen addition will take longer than knocking down a wall between a living and dining room).

What is the design process like?

This will vary widely for each project, depending on the type, and scope of work.  I start by sitting down with you and identifying the scope of your project (either in person, or via email).  Are you wanting to redecorate one room?  Are you wanting to remodel your kitchen and add on a pantry and mudroom entrance?  Once we've identified your goals I will spend a couple of hours creating a rough draft of a proposed plan including a floor plan, a mood board (to portray the overall visual look and feel of the updated space.  Once the initial design has been approved I will make any revisions to the plan and create 3D renderings so you can see the space before you begin.  Once you've selected your contractor I prepare any necessary documents for the building permit application.  Then we start shopping for finishes, fixtures, and furnishings.  Once the contractor has completed construction I can also come in and do the final staging of your new décor.

How should I get in touch with you?

The easiest way to contact me is by phone.  My phone number is 406.690.2263. 

You can also email me at

local clients & real estate

local&real estate

Why Wine&Design?

Being a Midwesterner, I hate showing up at someone's home empty-handed.  I hope to build a relationship with all of my clients and be your "interior designer best friend".   Bringing something helps to reinforce that friendship and the casual nature of our visit.  Working with an interior designer should not be intimidating and this helps break the ice.  Then we can relax and get to work!

If you're not a drinker I can bring coffee, muffins, or cookies.  The point is hospitality.

Why do I need to hire someone to pick paint colors?

Although painting can be one of the least expensive ways to quickly change the look of a space, if you pick the wrong color it can be a costly and time-consuming mistake.  A short consultation with me can help ensure that you pick the right color the first time.

How can staging services help me sell my home quicker?

By having an outside perspective on your home prior to putting it on the market you can make it more appealing to potential buyers. By making it possible for a wide group of people to envision the home working for them (instead of viewing “your” home) you are likely to get more offers. Also, by de-cluttering and making a few simple cosmetic changes prior to your real estate agent taking photos for the listing you can be putting your best foot forward.

A few quick stats:  

  • 95% of homes that are staged sell in 11 days or less

  • homes that are properly staged will sell for anywhere from 3-17% more than a comparable home that is unstaged

  • for every $100 spent on staging, an average of $400 is earned in return

e-design & virtual services

What is E-Design or Virtual Service?

E-Design is ideal for you if you are a bit of a DIY type who wants the inspiration and guidance of a professional interior designer, but are willing to prepare, manage and implement on your own, to create the space of your dreams.

A quick walk-through of an E-Design project

  • All E-design services, and correspondence for your project will be conducted entirely online from the comfort of your own home. This means no need to schedule in-person appointments, showroom visits, etc.  You don't even have to wash your hair or change out of your pajamas if you don't want to!

  • After you decide to start an E-Design project with me, you will be sent a copy of my client questionnaire.  Once I receive that I will send you a welcome kit via email that will help guide you through the rest of your homework items. Then I will contact you to set up an (optional) pre-design phone or video interview to discuss your project before I move forward into the design phase.

  • The average time between our initial interview and delivery of your project is 2-3 weeks.

  • Your final design plan will be delivered via email and will include instructions on how to implement your design.

  • The implementation of the design is entirely up to you. There are no hidden costs and once you receive our design plan you can put it together within your own time frame and budget. The items I include in your design plan will reflect the budget you specified in the design questionnaire. It is then up to you to decide whether you would like to purchase those items now, later, or make substitutions for other items. You are in complete control of how much you spend on the design.

  • Once it's time to put it all together in the space if you have any additional questions you can email me, or schedule an additional phone or video chat.

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