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Shopping is fun, but it's more fun when you have a friend to tell you what you'd love.


Here are a few of my favorite picks.


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I have these throughout my home.  The soft amber glow is the perfect nightlight - and way less disruptive to sleep patterns than blue light.

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Ceramic planters

Whether your style is farmhouse, boho, or scandinavian, plants are a great visual accent.  These geometric blue and white planters will fit in almost anywhere.

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Unfinished Sofa Table

Sometimes you can't find a perfect match, so ordering this unfinished table is your best option.  Paint it or stain it exactly the way you want.

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Hanging Plant Holder

This is a twist on the macrame plant hangers of days past, with a round wooden shelf to hold one or more plants.  

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Did you know you can order live plants on Amazon?  I've heard that Snake plants are one of the nearly indestructible ones... I might have to check that out one of these days.

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Storage Basket

Whether it's holding a spare blanket and your current book, or all those kid toys you wanted to hide when company showed up, this basket looks great in any setting.

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Every room needs a touch of something shiny.  This round mirror fits the bill, and the gold frame is on trend.

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berry and fern wreath

Part of being a homeowner is owning a wreath for each season.  However this monochromatic wreath could work for more than one season, so that's a win!

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Yes, I seriously love salt lights so much I even have the night-light size in my bathrooms.  Trust me.


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This attachment turns any toilet into a bidet.  Although it may take a bit of getting used to, you will quickly ditch those "flushable wipes" and never look back.

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felt furniture feet

If you have hardwood or LVP flooring, you definitely want to protect it from scratches.  Simply adhere these pads onto all of your furniture pieces and relax!

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You might think you'll never need this, but just wait until your toddler sees you walk away from your glass of wine and bam!

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dryer balls

If you prefer a natural alternative to the plastic dryer balls these are it.  Bonus - use a few drops of your favorite essential oil to scent your laundry.

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Rocketbook Notebook

This is my favorite notebook ever!  Using erasable pens, pages wipe clean to be reused.  Use the app to save your images.  Perfect for client meetings, bullet journaling, or doodling.

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shirt folding board

Having worked in retail for a few years, I can't tell you how much my OCD loves this tool.  All my family's shirts are folded uniformly and fit perfectly on shelves or in drawers.

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Box pleat Bedskirt

This simple bedskirt comes in all sizes, and a variety of colors.  Bedskirts are a great way to give your bed a finished look (and hide your slippers underneath).

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slim Velvet Hangers

Not only do these take up way less space than plastic or wooden hangers, the velvet texture keeps your clothes from sliding off or getting stretched out.

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Whether you want to cut down on your use of dryer sheets, or just help bulky items like comforters dry faster, these reusable dryer balls will do the trick!

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Fiddle Leaf Fertilizer

I kill houseplants, but maybe with the right fertilizer I wouldn't.

Self-Care and Gifts

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noise canceling headphones

Working from home and walking the dog are way better with these old-school style headphones.  The noise-canceling feature works great when you absolutely have to block out distractions.

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Insulated Wine Tumblers

These drink tumblers are perfect for wine, beer, or cocktails.  The insulating layer ensures your drink stays cool.  And there's no worry of breaking a wine glass on your patio!

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These adorable trinket trays come in a variety of styles.  My sister likes the watermelon slice, but I love this simple banana leaf pattern.

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Sulfate-Free Shampoo

If you have color-treated hair, this shampoo and conditioner pair are not only protective, but they make your hair thicker and shinier.  Plus, the minty/eucalyptus fragrance is amazing and invigorating.

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Jewelry Tray

This two-tier tray not only looks fashionable on your dresser or nightstand, but it ensures that you'll never lose your pieces when you take them off at the end of the day.

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Library Scented Candle


This was a suggestion from my sister, who is even more of a book nerd than me.  If you like scented candles, libraries, and classic authors, this is the perfect gift.

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Oat Milk Lotion

Years ago my father-in-law started giving all of us this amazing lotion for Christmas, and now I can't live without it.  Montana winters are very drying, but my skin is always protected with this.  Super nourishing, but never greasy.

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If you need a way to keep your hair out of your face, but want something a bit more elegant than a basic bobby pin, or your daughter's plastic clips these nature-inspired designs are a trendy solution.

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Magazine subscription

Some say print is dead, but what's better than the anticipation of snail mail, and a lazy Saturday morning with a cup of coffee reading a magazine on your patio?

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