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Fiona's Fabulous Family Room (sample project)

Fiona, I'm so excited you've hired me to help you with this project.  This page will be where all of your project's important information will be located.  I will be updating it throughout the design process, and you can log in anytime to review.  Once complete this will be your reference source, as well as your shopping list.

Let's get started!

1.  Fill out my e-design client questionairre so I can get to know you.

click this link to be taken to the e-design client questionairre

click this link to be taken to my Pinterest profile

if you have not already purchased with the "buy it now" button, click here to view and pay your invoice

click here to read my blog post (or watch my video) on how to measure your space so I have all the info I need to get started

3.  Pay for your custom design package.

4.  Measure your space and send me the dimensions and photos.

2.  Share your Pinterest board for this project with me.

Initial mood board

OB-Heppner initial.jpg

Proposed layout and revised concept board

Information about the proposed design

heppner furniture layout.JPG

3-D views

heppner dollhouse view.JPG

Top down view

heppner perspective view.JPG

Perspective view

Your curated shopping list

Each item when clicked will take you to the vendor's direct site.  I've included my notes about dimensions and the quantity you should purchase for this design.  Prices fluctuate over time so I have not included those here.  Also, availability (especially on accessory items) can change quickly, so if there's something you're in love with I recommend you purchase it soon.   


dining chair

amazon dining table.jpg

dining table


area rug

Links to my resource guides to implement your custom design

click here 

Thank you and good luck!

I've enjoyed working with you on this project and can't wait to see the finished space.  I'd love for you to send me photos of your space (for my portfolio, and to use on my social media) once complete.  Also, if you have a second, I really appreciate you leaving me a review on my Facebook Page (click here), and telling your friends about my services.

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