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Seasonal Living Design Challenge

One of my favorite parts of being a member of the E-Design Tribe/EDA (E-Design Association), is being able to participate in design contests to improve my skills and be extra creative. This year Seasonal Living and the E-Design Platform are co-hosting a contest to design a Modern to Modern Farmhouse space using their new products, and focusing on wellness.

When a design brief is as open-ended as that, it allows me to really have fun creating a unique and beautiful space. Here's what I came up with.

A master bathroom with an atrium (shown in 2 seasons). This space balances a very open plan with a walk-through shower on one side of the atrium, and a giant soaking tub on the other. The open feeling is reinforced by a continuous brick floor both inside and out, and even a floating vanity to be way lighter visually than a standard vanity. Seasonal Living's patio furniture works great in this wet environment. A (normally) outdoor bench becomes the perfect resting spot for drying off after your shower, and a pair of consoles with teak tops provide just enough space for all the lotions and other stuff you need to get ready.

This room easily transitions between the seasons with a changing of the towels, swapping out a piece of art, and the addition of Christmas inspired greenery and florals.

Here are links to the Seasonal Living products I used in this epic master bathroom. (click to shop)

Thank you again to Seasonal Living and the E-Design Tribe for sponsoring this contest.

Check out the latest issue of Seasonal Living Magazine here.

And if you're a designer, curious about how to make amazing renders like these, check out the E-Design Tribe, and their designer platform.


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