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One Loft, four ways (part 4)

This series is meant to inspire you with a variety of small changes that completely change the look and feel of a living room. If you're feeling like your space is stagnant, take a cue from these selections and make a few small changes. Little things like artwork and accessories can have a huge impact on the mood of a room and how it impacts our excitement and energy levels.

This space is in some ways the most modern of this series, but cozy and relaxed at the same time. The lines are clean, but the textures and accessories reinforce a connection between the outside and inside. The oversize modern egg chairs are a nice contrast to the more classic tufted sofa, but the chunky boucle texture keeps them from feeling too cold or stark in comparison. The rug is also a study in transitional style. Even though it has an abstract modern design, the colors are subtle enough that it doesn't draw your eye more than it should.

Fill the shelves with plants and scented candles, and pour yourself a cup of tea to relax in this elegant but comfortable living room.

If you'd like to add any of these elements to your room, click on the items in the slider above or the image below.

*disclaimer - I may receive an affiliate commission for any purchases made from links in this post.

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