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Double Bathroom Remodel

This was an amazingly fun project to take on because it gave the opportunity to design two complimentary bathrooms for a great family. Their home was built in the 70’s and parts of it had been remodeled in the early ‘00’ s. The bathrooms we were working on were dark themed. So dark that one of them even had a black toilet!

This project was so much fun because I got to design 2 complimentary but different bathrooms for this fun family. The home was built in the 70's, and parts had been remodeled at some point in the early '00s but the bathrooms were dark (with even a black toilet in one!) The first bathroom is the “hall bath” for guests, but also for their young son. The second bathroom is the one attached to the master bedroom.

The homeowners' biggest concerns were modernizing the spaces, and making the spaces feel brighter – even adding a ceiling light in the hall bath (which previously only had sconces above the sink). Additionally, this project was planned to be the first in a string of a number of updates they hope to do throughout the home over the next few years, so the colors and materials we selected were chosen with that plan in mind.

This is another project where the basic locations of the fixtures really didn't change much. The only plumbing that had to be rerouted was in the master shower where we moved the showerhead from the left wall to the right wall, to make space for a pocket door (instead of the previous door which not only ate up space, but was positioned in such a way that the light switch for the master bathroom was actually in the master bedroom). We also re-centered the vanity sink on the wall after removing a tall linen cabinet that was making the room feel too crowded.

The first and most dramatic material to be selected was the stunning hexagon shaped tile used in both bathrooms. Huge shoutout to my tile guy – Kevin, owner of Moser Floors and More. Although this tile was a newly introduced product (like within a couple weeks of us selecting it), when he tried to order it all the company had available to him was square tile. So he and his team individually cut each tile from square into hexagon so that the design could be installed according to plan. The tile for the flooring and tub/shower surrounds is a pale shade of cool off-white, but a splash of color was added in each room in the glass mosaic tile used as the backsplash by the vanity sink. A shade of aqua green was chosen for the hallway bath, and a shade of aqua blue was selected for the master bath. This small detail helps the 2 rooms to not feel like copies of each other.

Not only do the homeowners love the new space, they said the process was smooth (although construction always takes longer than planned, not matter what) and they're already thinking ahead to the next items on their “to-do” list.

I was even told that working with me was like having a best friend hang out – they just had to pay me!

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