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Design Emergency! We rejuvenate an aging bathroom.

A small bathroom, the only one in this 40’s era house, was definitely showing some age. It started off simply enough … but the scope increased a bit during the planning phase

The original linen closet was framed around a metal cabinet (which had lost the shelves to grandfather time) and immediately became a priority for redesign. The answer was to fame a new closet, add some shelves, and swap out the old medicine cabinet for good measure.

We ended up adding in a new vanity cabinet. We focused on showing a little more floor as that served double duty by giving the impression of a larger room and showcase the lovely new wood-look plank flooring. Changing the wall sconces around the mirror from individual pull-chains to a single switch provided a simple functionality enhancement.

Although we kept the fixtures and tile simple using shades of white and chrome, the homeowner wanted a strong dose of color added in. Together we selected an amazing shade of dusky purple for the walls. Now the homeowner smiles every time she sees the color!

The finishing touch was adding the matching shower and window curtains. The simple leaf pattern brings in a hint of the outdoors. The pattern match helps combat an over-extending window by keeping the room from feeling too broken up.

In the end it wasn't a complete gut, but almost everything in the room is new. Although the construction process had a few hiccups, we’ve revamped this aging bathroom into an upgraded space the homeowners will enjoy for years to come.

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