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Time to repaint

Most people don't think about home improvements during the winter, but in fact, January is a great time to get a head start on projects. Like making New Year's Resolutions, why wait?

January is often a slow month for the construction industry (especially in Northern climates where outdoor work is obviously limited). This is good for you if you are looking to hire a professional to do the work for you, as you likely won't have to wait too long for your project to be completed.

Secondly, through the end of the month Sherwin Williams has a 30% coupon available for all paints and stains. This is a great brand that I have used many times and always been very satisfied with.

Lastly (and this is my favorite) for a limited time, you can also get a discount of 50% on my services. Head on over to Seize the Deal and purchase a half price voucher to have me come out and help you find the perfect colors for your home. This is a great value because who wants to repaint because they picked the wrong color? Not many. Choosing the wrong color is an expensive mistake - both in time and money. I can help you choose your colors with confidence.

So get your coupon, get your discount voucher, and then call me to set up your appointment today! (406)690-2263

*Although the Sherwin Williams coupon expires January 31, 2018, the vouchers from Sieze the Deal have a 90 day limit, so February and March would also be good months to paint. Just sayin'!

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