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Setting Up a Home Office

Could working from home officially be the new normal? The past two years have shown us that not only can many jobs be done from the comfort of home, but other positives have emerged. We’ve seen a positive impact on productivity, overall employee wellbeing, gender and geographic equality, and emissions, according to a study from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). While the long-term effects and feasibility of remote work in many fields are still unknown, the reality is that many of us have been forced to find ways to make telework a reality.

With many a Zoom call affected by...

to read the rest of this article by Renata Haidle, for Simply Local Magazine's March 2022 issue

As an established designer in my field, I love contributing my expertise to articles like this. I hope it inspires you to elevate your work from home space.


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