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Seasonal Living design challenge, part 2

Boring title, but trust me, this project was anything but boring.

If you saw my most recent blog post, you'll already know that I'm participating in Seasonal Living's current Design Challenge. This is a pretty open-ended challenge, in that other than a list of possible spaces, and a Pinterest board for inspiration, the participants were able to really do whatever we wanted. Obviously, we had to use as many Seasonal Living brand products as we could, but that's easy when they have such a range of indoor/outdoor pieces.

For my second entry, I chose to do a master bedroom to compliment the master bathroom with the atrium I created for my first entry. There is a flow of materials (the epoxied brick floor in the bathroom is the same as the flooring on the patio adjacent to the bedroom. The wall colors are complementary shades of watery blue-green (though slightly more saturated in the bedroom). In the bedroom, I also played up the details of the backdrop (backgrounds don't need to be boring!) This means a whitewashed wood panel ceiling, a mix of limestone, brick, and wood on the fireplace, and a feature wall behind the headboard with wood strips backlit with LED to subtly illuminate what would otherwise be a dark corner.

The furniture I selected helps this space to truly feel like an oasis for the homeowners. The bedroom is anchored by a wooden canopy bed with semi-sheer curtains. There are 2 different bedding sets that I've selected to anchor the design for each season (spring and fall). In the spring, shades of blush and coral, with a crisp white duvet cover take center stage - obviously pulling inspiration from the graphic art over the fireplace. In the fall, shades of mink, eucalyptus green, and even hints of a black and white houndstooth pattern make the space feel grounded and cozy.

If you'd like to purchase any of these Seasonal Living furniture pieces, scroll through here.

And one last closeup of the fireplace... 'cause I think that's my favorite.


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