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Modern Spring: Bringing the Outdoors In

Spring is here and bringing the opportunity for some indoor-outdoor living with it! Now's the time to update for the new season, it's the perfect time to bring in natural elements like plants, mixed wood tones, and more. In this great room, you'll find everything you need to connect with the outdoors and create a relaxing, inviting space for entertaining.

One of the standout features of this room is the glass accordion doors that open fully and create an airy connection between the indoors and outdoors. Imagine friends and family gathering together to enjoy refreshments while the cool fresh air flows through the space. What a great setting for a relaxing evening with those closest to you.

photo realistic rendering by RCHD

As for colors - this room features a split-complimentary color scheme that incorporates shades of blue, green, and punches of persimmon. These colors work together to create a vibrant and inviting atmosphere that sings the song of spring.

The texture is key to this room's design. You'll find sisal rugs, woven houndstooth patterned upholstery, and caned details in the dining room buffet. These textures add depth and interest to the space, making it feel cozy and welcoming.

If you want to recreate this look in your own home, the key is to mix your wood tones. In this room, you'll see bleached blond maple floors, dark dining room chairs, and a medium-toned trunk-style coffee table. By blending these different wood tones, you'll create a cohesive look that feels natural and effortless.

Ready to get started on your own modern spring refresh? Let's go shopping! From furniture to decor, we can help you bring your dream space to life. Contact us today to learn more.

Dining room mirror

Unique tab top linen curtain panels

Mixed materials upholstered side dining chairs

Navy leather dining captains chairs

Industrial 5 light chandelier

Dining room terrazzo look wallpaper

Rattan accent counter stools

Oversize deep sofa

Burnt orange tasseled pillow

Linen stripe pillow

Sisal area rug

Blue classic rug

Wooden coffee table tray

Trunk inspired coffee table

Ceramic planters

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