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A better way to buy plans

There is another option! RCHD has created a line of Boutique ready-to-build plans that combine the value and simplicity of purchasing a stock plan, with thoroughly thought out plans and so many designer extras to enhance your experience and final product.

Here at RCHD our plans are created by an interior designer with decades of experience in both new construction, remodeling, and furnishing homes. Instead of starting with the exterior and working inward, plans are created with probable furniture layouts and traffic patterns at the heart. Doorways are positioned to direct the traffic where it needs to go, while creating appropriate furniture layouts for the intended use of the room, and the scale of the overall structure. Human scale is a primary consideration.

Secondly, all of the stock plans we create are inspired by our extensive library of custom plans, so they’re up to date on current trends, and features people actually want. No more formal living rooms by the front door, or corner jetted tubs in the master bath!

Thirdly, all of our plans are created and reviewed in 3D (with those views included in the files you will receive when you purchase) so that details like the ceiling heights, staircase features, and more are not a surprise during construction. You can even check out our YouTube channel for video walkthroughs of each model we sell.

And lastly, when the sale is done, you still have access to the interior designer who created the plan and has thoroughly thought out all the details. You can hire us to guide you through the entirety of your project, from selecting your interior and exterior finishes, to assisting you when you shop for furniture for your new home.

RCHD - We turn dreams into plans.

Learn about stock plans here.


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