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Let's All Go!

If you're considering any type of home project, you know that the Home Improvement Show is the place to go. The show is held twice a year (spring and fall) in Billings at the “Expo Center at Metra Park”, Montana’s largest exhibition facility. The show is free to the public and will open Friday, September 7th at noon and run through Sunday, September 9th at 5:00 pm. Over 400 Exhibits and over 20,000+ attendees make this the largest fall show in the region.

Although I've attended this show many times in the past, this is my first year having a booth for my business. I am super excited and can't wait to talk with all of you about what I can do to help you achieve your next home remodeling project's goals.

I'm so excited about the variety of vendors that will be at this show, that I've asked around and compiled this sampling of vendors. Take a few minutes to read through and see who and what will be at this year's show. And when you come on down be sure to tell them you saw this blog post.

In no particular order...

It seems there are new trends and designs for interior coverings. The big thing people want now is Home automation and smart control. We wish to operate things with the push of a button or a action to happen on program.

We can make shades operate by a hand held remote, wall switch, mobile smart device or a smart home system. A control 4 system can automate heating/cooling, bed control, lighting, appliances, shades and other functions we deal with on a day to day basis.

Shades can drop when a certain temperature is reach in a room a response that can change. It can simply be a “welcome or away” button.

There are different fits for different applications. Each family of window coverings have strengths and weakness. It’s my duty to explain the differences between each choice.

We even have rolling storm shutters for hail and hurricanes. They have vent holes for light tuning or black out. They mount on the exterior of the windows for protection and security. We can do store front security like the shopping malls have.

When anyone calls for appointment to go over options, I recommend they visit my business page on Facebook @ Billings Best Blinds and Shutters. On there I have over 900 images of work I have done and videos. I have some stock pictures of decorative grilles but it’s all explained on the feed.

Come see us at the show! We will have advocare spark for sample and some local 406 apparel!

The new SmartTub App that can be installed on any 2018 and newer Sundance Spas makes spa ownership a breeze. With this added feature you can check on all of the inter-workings of you spa from anywhere. Adding to that, if you are having a problem with your spa, we at the dealership in Billings or even a technician from the Sundance Spas Factory can remote into your spa and check codes, trouble logs, maintenance timers, electrical usage, and most anything we need to remotely diagnose your hot tub. This becomes a great feature for out of town locations and vacation homes that may need an extra set of eyes to keep tabs on the spa as well. With its cell tower based set up, anywhere you can send a text message from, you can access your Sundance Spa with SmartTub.

American Granite and Stone is working to be your one stop shop for all remodeling needs. Big to small. We supply materials for all facets of your remodeling needs. After installing tile and marble for 35 years you're guaranteed a great job. And after installing granite and quartz countertops for over 15 years we're always striving to give you an awesome job. Quality and reliability from bidding to completing your project is what we strive for to give you best job possible.

So be sure to come on down to MetraPark this weekend and say hi to me and these other local businesses. Check out what's new and exciting, and ask questions to find the perfect product or service provider for your next project.

And if you've got a minute, pop on over to Facebook and click "going" on my event page - band be sure to invite a friend! The more the merrier.

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