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Inspiring Blog Roundup

I decided to share some recent posts from a few bloggers I've been meeting lately. I assume if you're following my blog you're interested in home design and decor, but also that you're likely a parent and trying to keep your family and your house all in order. Hopefully these posts will help you out with topics ranging from goal setting, rotating your kids toys, and even what to do if your chickens start laying a million eggs (I love the fresh local eggs that my hubby gets from his co-worker with chickens). Happy Sunday!

This first one isn't really a blog post, but a link to a set of printables related to goal-setting and figuring out the whys and hows.

For those of you who are entrepreneurs this is a great article about making sure your wardrobe matches your brand. It's hard to remember sometimes, but as a small business owner everything about you portrays your brand and your business to people you meet. What message are you sending? How to build your wardrobe around your brand.

Here's one I struggle with. Ways to keep your house neat and tidy (housekeeping tips)... like a Mennonite. There are lots of stereotypes out there, but this author is writing about her experiences with friends of hers, and what she's learned from them.

This is another one that I need reminders about. It seems counterintuitive, but the less toys your kids have available at any given time, the more likely they are to play independantly and be engaged with what they have. Too many toys out at once can make them stressed by all the choices and mess (just like adults). Give it a try!

I go back and forth on drinking coffee regularly. Having recently cut way back on my sugar intake (and subsequently my soda intake) I've been drinking "bulletproof" coffee every morning. I actually really like mine with the coconut oil and/or grassfed butter, but I like this author's suggestion of the collagen additive. I'll have to try it out! Have you ever tried bulletproof coffee?

Many people start out their day by creating their to do lists. I used to do this, but a while back I heard some advice to actually create your list at the end of your day in preparation for the upcoming day. This actually makes a huge difference, because all the stuff you forgot during the day, or ran out of time for is still fresh in your mind. This author takes it a step further and actually suggests mapping out your whole week at once (obviously taking time nightly to make adjustments as needed). Do you think this would work for you?

Along these same lines, do you know when you are most productive? Most people can say "I'm a morning person" or "I get a ton done at night after the kids are in bed". But what about weekly, or seasonally? This productivity talk compliments the goal setting post above. When is your best time?

Ok, who doesn't want a better butt? Fine then. You can skip this link. But for those of you that do, check out this post. Yes, you have to do squats. Sorry (not sorry).

And last, but not least on this snowy Sunday... Do you have backyard chickens? I know quite a few people here in Billings that do. What do you do with an abundance of eggs? There's only so many you can eat for breakfast (though hubby was shocked the last time I showed him the case of 5 dozen eggs I bought and told him it would only last 10 days). Check out these options.

Alright, my blog roundup is complete for now. Let me know if any of these topics were helpful for your, or if there's any great posts or bloggers out there that you suggest I follow. Comment below - I'd love to hear from you.

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