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My son's nursery

On my Facebook Live video today I gave a tour of my youngest son's room, and discussed the storage solution I created for the first few months when he shared our master bedroom. Hop on over and check it out!

I had to rush through the end part of the tour because baby (who is technically now a 15 month old toddler) was getting a bit fussy. Below are some of the items I used (or similar enough) so that you can create your own organized nursery.

I love these lamps because of the soft glow they produce. Most have a dimmer switch so you can use these as nightlights which are much easier on the eyes than traditional blue or white nightlights.

And lastly...

(for anything you need that's not specifically listed here)

The biggest thing to remember is that kid's rooms should be a place to inspire and grow. Start with a neutral background and simple timeless pieces of furniture and allow your new kiddo to express their personality (and they will) by changing out bedding and artwork as they grow older.

Have fun!

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