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Build Your Dream Home… Without Moving

An Addition and Remodel Can Transform Your Home

From age 18, the average American will move 9.1 times before they settle into their last home. If you’re buying and selling a house every time, those closing costs can add up. In fact, costs alone could be many thousands of dollars!

If your job takes you out of the state, there’s not much that you can do to stay in your own home. But if you’re planning to retire here in Billings, you can strategically plan on remodeling your house into your dream home instead of buying something new. In the end you will save money.

Here’s how that process works.

Relaxed Pre-Design Consultation

You likely have a plan on how you envision your dream home. But have you talked with a designer about those plans? They may be great ideas, but some of them you might not be able to implement when it comes down to it.

The process of remodeling and adding on to your home needs to be well planned out so that everything can be done efficiently and there are as few snags as possible after the work has been started. With a thorough consulting session, you can ensure that your plans are on track and even be opened up to more ideas that you may have never thought of.

You can have this consultation over a bottle of wine. No need for pressure, just a relaxed idea generating session.

Planning and Design

Before you can do a major remodel on your home, you have to pull the proper city construction permits. Those permits won’t be issued unless you have adequate construction documents (in other words, you need blueprints for your project). During this stage you get to “see” the final product with my 3D drafting and rendering software before any work has even begun.

When building an addition, or even when remodeling, there are different “grades” of materials, such as windows and doors, which can be used. The lowest cost materials are called construction grade, or builder grade; generally they are what you will find at the big box store. The bottom line: you probably won’t be happy with the final product.

The next steps up are quality grade, custom grade, and ultimate custom grade. Your budget and desire for the final outcome will determine which of these grades are the best choice for your home. Working with a local window and door provider you can see the differences in these grades, and figure out which is best for your project.

Painting for the Optimum Mood

Before the remodel even begins, you want to fully understand what the end result will look like. A huge part that many people overlook is the paint colors in the home. While there are personal stylistic elements that come into play, the colors on your walls can actually help sway which mood you are in.

Did you know that yellow and red can cause excitement and anger? If you have trouble sleeping at night, and the dominant colors in your bedroom are red or yellow, your subconscious reaction may be the cause of your insomnia. Of course in the living room or the dining room, high energy is often desired. These colors that should be avoided in the bedroom are perfectly acceptable in other rooms.

With so many different shades of colors, you can have your favorite colors. Knowing which walls should be colored, where the accents should be, and how much color should be paint as opposed to furniture and wall décor… that’s something to leave to the professionals.

Furniture Selection and Layout

A new home, or a newly remodeled home, will have a different layout and feel to it. While some of your existing furniture should fit into the newly designed space without any problems, some of it may look out of place and awkward.

Let’s face it: most people don’t have a great eye for design. Many people have a general idea of how something should go, but when it’s all said and done it’s not quite right, and it’s hard to determine what exactly is out of place.

You are creating your dream home. You’re remodeling or adding on to your existing home, so why not create the ultimate space by having a professional help you select new furniture, and have all the interior design work done by a professional? The end result is that you fall even more in love with your home.

From Start to Finish Let RCHD Get You into Your Dream Home

You want to enjoy your home. But some of this planning can be downright overwhelming! Too often trying to go it alone ends up with stalled plans and incomplete projects. Fortunately, there is a better way.

My planning, drafting, and design services will help you go from basic idea, to full blown dream house. All you have to do is give the approval for the design that perfectly fits your style.

Ready to get started? Call 406-690-2263 and let me know if you prefer red wine or white.

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