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January is the time for a decorating update

The holidays are done. The Christmas decorations are down and packed away (some people do this the day after Christmas, other people *not me* do this on MLK day). You've vacuumed or swept up the last bit of tinsel and pine needles. Your home is a clean slate. Now what?

It's not quite spring cleaning time, but with the crisp bright sunlight we tend to get in this Northern climate (in between the snowstorms) it's a great time to look at brightening your space and making it a cheerful oasis.

I recently found a new painting at a post-Christmas clearance sale, and although I knew it didn't match my space perfectly, it was just too cheerful to pass up. I bought it and now it hangs in my living room where my old favorite painting used to hang.

The new painting is a bouquet of brightly colored peonies in a casual unadorned vase. The old painting is a very traditional urn with flowers in a muted color scheme (except for the fact that it's frameless, it looks like it could have hung in a renaissance villa).

For now it's relegated to the basement until it will return to it's place of glory in the fall.

Of course now this means I need new dining room curtains... ;)

What about you? Do you change up your decor depending on the season (and not just holiday decorating)?

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