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The elephant in the living room... your TV.

No sense in ignoring it. There is a big black box in your living room that draws all the attention. You can try to hide it, but we all remember (and many still have) some version of this full size entertainment center like this one.

We all thought these were the magic fix 15-20 years ago (yes it's been that long!).

Hide your tv when it's not in use!

Show off pretty knick-knacks and framed photos!

What a great place for a plastic ivy!

But really, how often did those doors ever close? And how limited was the range of view when the tv was nestled into that cabinet... there were probably only 2-3 good viewing seats.

Today TV's are bigger, but thinner. You can set it on a small cabinet, or wall mount it. But even then, there are good and better ways to do this. For a while mounting it above a fireplace mantle seemed like a good idea... until you woke up the next morning with a stiff neck from staring up for hours.

Below are a few examples of what I think is a great trend for the way we actually use our tv's these days. Out in the open, but part of a gallery wall display so it's not just a black box sucking all the light and visual interest from a room.

Comment below and tell me which one is your favorite.

#1 - I created this virtual image to show how a tv on a low console can visually recede into the art wall behind it.

#2 - I love how this almost navy wall creates a backdrop visually minimizing the tv (when it's off). The scale of the console is also great for balancing the wall above and providing storage.

#3 - Again, a dark backdrop (in this case a section painted black) means the tv is not overwhelming these white matted prints.

#4 - Here black frames on most of the artwork tie it all together.

#5 - I like how this grouping incorporates not only artwork, but a few small shelves to add some dimension to this wall.

#6 - This is great for a more relaxed family room. Huge framed chalkboards balance this grouping nicely.

#7 - I LOVE the brightly colored frames in this grouping, and the addition of the painted frame around the tv really gives this wall that Wow factor.

#8 - This is a great example of how your layout doesn't have to be symmetrical.

So there you have 8 inspiring images to help you create your very own tv gallery wall, and kick that outdated and poorly functioning entertainment center to the curb.

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