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Paperbacks on bookshelves can look good too!

I'm sure you've seen posts all over Pinterest about how to style your bookcases. Some of these images look great, but how realistic are they?

If you're an avid reader like me and my hubby, most of you probably have stacks of paperbacks in various places all around your house. Or even if they're all on a bookcase or two they probably look very simple and utilitarian. Here is a quick tip for making even that basic bookcase look just a bit nicer.

Don't put them all on the shelf vertically! That's it. Super simple. Instant visual interest.

This works especially well if you have series of books, but you can also just do this by sizes that work well.

This took about 5 minutes and my shelves look so much nicer. Just because this shelf is in my basement, and only my family and I see it doesn't mean it can't look nice.

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