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Should I stay or should I go now?

Do you find yourself standing in the hallway every morning waiting for your turn to use your home's only bathroom? Do you have a room in your house that doesn't serve a purpose so it just gathers clutter? Did you buy your home when you were just a couple, and now you have a family (kiddos or fur babies) and you just don't have enough space?

If you're on the fence about selling your home because you still like a lot of its features, or you don't want to leave your neighborhood there are options!

Start by sitting down and putting pen to paper. Make a pro/con list for yourself (or a venn diagram, or pie chart, or however you can organize your thoughts best).

Write down everything you love about your home. Write down what you dislike or need to change about your home to fit the way you currently live. Write down what you would want in a new home.

In some cases, selling your current home and moving may be your best or only option. However in many cases it may be possible to transform your home into exactly what you need. Hiring an interior designer (like me) can help you recognize the potential in your home. A designer can review your needs and wants for your home, take measurements of your existing space, and come up with a proposed plan for either re-arranging, remodeling, or even adding on to your current home.

Before you make the decision to call a realtor, call an interior designer, because let's face it... moving is a huge hassle. And unlike in college, you can't pay a moving company with pizza and beer!

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