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Layer it on!

When’s the last time you bought something online? We’re in an age where buying things online is becoming second nature. A few clicks and your goods are on the way. The web is huge and you may have discovered a number of surprising things you can order, but have you ever realized that you can order home décor online too? In fact, there is a whole sub-set of design known as E-Design--where designers use technology to create everything from computer drafted floor plans to photo-realistic renderings of imagined spaces. You can even get high-tech clickable shopping lists that let people around the world score a designer look. With minimal effort, the UPS guy could show up with your next jug of detergent AND a fancy new designer living room!

In the spirit of E-design, I want to share a few of my recent favorite looks and concepts. Below you’ll find some picture examples of each look. If something really floats your boat, there are also links to purchase the items shown directly (online and in your home in as little as a few days). After all, who wouldn’t like a quick 4-wall-facelift for the spaces we’ve spent so much time in lately?

First, a favorite of mine. A showcase of Scandinavian design. Scandinavian design, in many ways, is the precursor to the Hygge and Boho inspired spaces that are so popular these days.

Henry Upholstered Platform Bed

Chevron Pouf

Decorative Blanket Storage Ladder

Bentwood Wood Dining Chair

Cross Back Wood Dining Side Chair

Blanket Basket

Sheepskin Throw

Fiddle Leaf Fig


This next concept is a modern interpretation I like to call "Modern Montana Hygge." The lines are a little straighter and there's still cozy layering of textiles. Note the velvet sofa and it's extra cushions, the rustic textural elements of the wooden stump end table, and the vase of tall grasses.

US Pride Furniture Sofas, Light Grayish Cyan

Herringbone Cotton Throw

Lennox Swirled Glass Apple Figurine

Wood Twist Stool

Fox Art Canvas Print

Electric Lantern Table Lamp with Edison Bulb

Diamond Area Rug Cream/Gray

10" Hanging Planter, Marble Pattern


The final concept I'll share with you is more of a Rustic Montana Charm. I think all of us are familiar with a home that looks like this: a beautiful tiled fireplace, leather chairs, and a fun weathered wood wall. Informal and elegant at the same time.

MCM Leather Club Chair

Stone&Beam Round Nesting Coffee Table

Woodcut Framed Art Print

Leaning Ladder Bookshelf

Windowpane Plaid Curtain Panels

Rustic Wood Chevron Peel and Stick Wallpaper

13" Vase on Metal Stand

Farmhouse Traditional Table Lamps

Driftwood Candleholder

Irregular Glass Terrarium

Live Succulent Assortment


I hope one of these 3 looks spoke to you. However, if these weren't exactly your style however-that's ok. You can hire me to create your very own custom design and shopping list to suit your space. Don’t forget to check out the E-Design packages available on my website and/or message me for more details.


*as an Amazon affiliate I may make a small commission on qualified purchases made through these links.

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