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As a designer, I'm always on the lookout for new products and vendors to source from so my clients can each have unique spaces. One of the recent art suppliers I've found is Americanflat.

They recently reached out to me and offered to send me a sample of their work so I could share it with you. After browsing their website and thinking about all the great clients I have across Montana (and beyond), I settled on this whimsical deer with a scarf and legwarmers.

First, shipping was fast. My order was confirmed on Nov. 23rd, and I received it on Dec. 4th, which is great considering that was the always crazy Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. The packaging was solid, and even had reinforced corners to protect the frame. The frame came with a sawtooth hook and tabletop stand, as well as a kit for attaching picture wire if I preferred. The print is under glass, but even through the glass you can see that this print is on thick, quality paper, and the artist's drawing strokes are crisp (not muddled like a cheap photocopy).

I got the 8" x 10" size, but this piece is available in 6 different sizes all the way up to 24" x 36", as well as an option for either a white or black frame. Another thing I love - American Flat art is 100% Assembled in the USA for best-in-class production.

So now, as a designer, I obviously had to create a rendering to show you a room custom designed to highlight this print. Obviously here in Montana we like our homes to be comfortable and livable. Leather sofas look great but are also very durable, and look better over time. The leather is repeated on the detailing of the mirrors above the console. The coffee table is a live-edge slab for a rustic touch, but with elegant legs so it's not too kitsch. And the simple linen sheers create a finished, but relaxed frame to the view out of the window. Final touches like the glass table lamps (in a beautiful shade of moss green), a few live plants, and pinecones in a dish continue the connection between the exterior and interior of this home.

If you'd like to shop this look, click on any of the items in the slider above.

This collection is not meant to be a completed look, but more of a starting point. Mix and match among these options (or spend a little time browsing the various retailer's sites I've gathered here) until you find your personal favorites. With the right personal selections from the list above I'm confident that this piece of art would look just as much at home anywhere from Bozeman to Whitefish, Missoula or beyond!

If you'd like to watch my unboxing video, here it is.

*disclaimer - I may make a small commission on any purchases made here.


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