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Haley's Project

4912 Stone Ridge Circle

haley treat notes.JPG

Everything in these images is from either Hobby Lobby or At Home.  Once you tell me which you like best I'll send you a spreadsheet with prices/store name.  

You can shop at your leisure, or we can add it up and I can go get them for you, and then do a short "install day".

Keep in mind, Hobby Lobby sales are always changing, and with their app you can get 40% off one (non-sale) item each time, so there it may be worth it to stagger your purchases./store name.  

The rug in this image is really sort of a navy color (not black and tan like the picture looks).
With all of these options for the entry, the basic layout is like we discussed, with a bench in the middle, coat hooks and art above, something vertical to the right, and an artificial tree or plant stand (for artificial plants) near the window/door on the left.
treat rugs (1).jpg
treat rugs.jpg
The curtain selection at both of these stores is not great, so I've included a couple options from World Market (available in store) and from Amazon (copy and paste the link to purchase).
treat rugs (2).jpg
I would move the lamp/shelf to another room (maybe in the basement?) and use the current dark end table with this lamp on it instead in that corner, and use this end table on the end facing the entry way.  I would also consider moving the TV stand a bit to the left so that there is space to the right for the horizontal floral painting here.  The other tall painting or metal art here would fit next to the windows.
front room layout.jpg
You had also mentioned having a canvas print made of a future family photo session.  My suggestion is to put it on the wall between the dining and living room, where we had previously placed the wooden Montana plaque.  I love that piece though and we can discuss a few other places to use it - either in the entryway, or in your basement office near the ancestor photos.  As for size, I would keep it around the size of the piece over the mantle, or maybe a little smaller.

Store Info

                   blue triangle = At Home                              red square = Hobby Lobby

1 store.jpg
2 store.jpg
3 store.jpg
4 store.jpg
6 store.jpg
5 store.jpg
7 store.jpg
8 store.jpg

Project #2

master bedroom, guest bedroom, bookshelf nook

treat master bed bedding and

I recommend you make a decision on your bedding first (before accessories or curtains).  I've included a few options here.  In the master the overall scheme is blue with accents of mustard.  I found the quality at Bed Bath & Beyond was noticeably better than other places (especially if there's a printed design), for minimally extra price.  The buffalo check is available in tan in store, or navy online.  I didn't look for a lot of extra pillows because of your headboard, but a single long pillow might look nice and not be too annoying to move at night.  At the bottom of this image are 3 different runners to protect the top of your dresser.

treat master bed accessories.jpg

I'm not sure if you want to add a chair, but you have plenty of room in the corner at the end of the dresser, to the left of your window.  This neutral wingback chair with tall pouf ottoman would look great!  And the nailheads are very subtle - not shiny.  The basket next to it would be great for holding a throw or a few books.

The long skinny art would go over the headboard, and the other pieces would fill in around the room.  The navy word art "Thankful for every moment" is a small tabletop piece.

The tall lantern would look great on one of your dressers and there are lots of cute greenery options here to fill in.

If you like the mustard accents then that's what I would use in the master bath.  I've included one shower curtain that is cute - and would work great as a pair of curtains flanking the window over the tub.  There were also matching towels if you wanted to upgrade those.

treat bookshelf display.jpg

For this hallway display I think we'll take out at least one of the shelves and play with the heights of the others.  The centerpiece would be one of these pieces of word art propped on the shelf (you can get a mini-easel stand for this is you like).  Then we would just fill in with a few decorative objects, maybe a few fake books, and lots of greenery.

treat bookshelf display styled.jpg

Please ignore my non-fancy photoshop - but here's an approximate mock-up of the layering for this display.

treat guest bedroom.jpg

For the guest bedroom I'm leaning towards a soft black and white to compliment the furniture you already have (kind of shabby chic).  All of the artwork is themed towards traveling, and friends&family.

 blue triangle = At Home     


 red square = Hobby Lobby   


green circle = Bed Bath & Beyond

treat shopping guide master accessories.
treat shopping guide master bedding.JPG
treat shopping guide bookcase.JPG
treat shopping guide guest room.JPG
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