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Welcome Contractors!

Obviously without trusted contractors and home builders to collaborate with we'd just be a company that draws pretty pictures. You are the professionals that turn our drawings into reality.  We at RCHD want to work together to provide high quality products for our shared clientele. 


We work through the design phase, asking the end client all the important questions, allowing us to give you a complete set of construction plans, along with clients who are prepared to make decisions, and know what to expect during the building process.  By educating our clients we ensure the whole project runs smoothly for everyone involved.

Let us show you how we can make your job easier!

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Your clients expect the best.

We've given hundreds of clients the best 3D views, custom plans, and photo-realistic renderings.

Leave work at work.

We take care of your design phase...

so you can keep your nights and weekends.

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So build!

RCHD will hold your client's hand through the design phase.  Product selections, detailed plans, and 3D walkthroughs.  We specialize in laying the design groundwork so you can just build.

Expect a timely response!

Revision Custom Home Design has industry leading response times. Build on your schedule with RCHD.

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Keep the ball in your court!

We will chair the match.  Start your build with complete plans.  Finish with fewer change orders.

Online plans are not suited to our unique climate.

We create plans for Big Sky Country.  Mudrooms, weather-appropriate entryways, garages for toys, and covered outdoor spaces.

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