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Wine & Design is easier than ever!

If this past year has changed anything, it’s that we are using more of our homes than ever before, and in different ways. Home offices have been carved out of dining rooms, spare rooms and basements. Children’s school areas have been created in corners of living rooms or bedrooms. Relaxation spaces have become more important than ever. And we all want a change of scenery from time to time.

When it comes to that evening glass of wine, where do you tend to retreat to to enjoy it? Do you sit in your kitchen, or do you have a relaxing oasis somewhere else in your home? Plum wants you to think outside the box (in more ways than one). Lots of us revert to choosing box wine if we know we’re not the type to finish a bottle of wine before it goes bad, but why should that hold us back from enjoying good wine? Plum has created this amazing appliance to help preserve that open bottle of wine for up to 3 months! And when you are ready to enjoy it, it’ll come out at the perfect temperature for you.

I created this home office space to include the built-in dispenser with a cozy seating area by a large window, so when 5pm rolls around you don’t even have to walk to the kitchen to start enjoying your evening wind-down. The Plum dispenser comes in 2 versions - integrated or countertop, so you don’t even need to remodel your home to fit one of these in!

Also in this beautiful space I included hardwood flooring from Revel Woods. All Revel Woods’ products are handcrafted and custom curated; sourced and produced completely in North America; sustainably harvested, and ethically manufactured. With a little extra attention to detail, luxury and responsibility can happily coexist.






For more info about any of these products check out these sites:


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