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Marketing, Branding, and Educating my target market

Today's FB Live video is in response to some of the work I've been doing behind the scenes to market my business, and have a uniform looking "brand".

There's a lot of puzzle pieces that seem separate or unrelated, but can all be considered your brand when viewed as a whole. Your logo. Your website. Your business cards. Your wardrobe. Your vehicle (if clients see you in it). Your emails. Especially as a small business, having uniformity among these pieces can really help to enhance your brand and help you to be remembered when a potential client needs your services and is trying to remember who is out there and who they might consider working with.

Below I'm posting a few "works in progress" and images that I think work well with my brand (for the reasons I mentioned in my video). I'd love to hear what you have to say about them and some of the whys I mentioned.

Also - I promised I'd refer people over to this awesome Etsy shop. This gal selflessly helped me with some logos/fonts/colors and was a great sounding board. She also makes these really cool pieces of typography art.

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