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How to make your window instantly larger

Earlier this summer (on my Facebook page) I shared a quick before and after image of a simple window treatment in a kitchen. The windows already had basic blinds on them, and an old valance had already been removed... partly because it was the wrong color for the space, and partly because it was hung in the wrong spot. You may be asking... "If the valance was hung on a window how can that be wrong?" Well, I'll tell you.

The valance was hung almost exactly even with the top of the window leaving about 12" of wall exposed above. Ok, that's not terrible. But what is terrible is that this 12" high valance COVERED the top 12" of the window! So down it came.

But once it was down what was left? Those ugly white blinds all stacked up there at the top. That's no way to leave a window. So I had to come up with a way to hide them without blocking the view of the brightly blooming crabapple tree in the backyard.

In moving into this kitchen, I discovered a beautiful linen table runner that had been given to me as a gift, and unfortunately gone unused for a number of years. The colors however were just right, and since I knew I had no use for a table runner, but didn't want to get rid of it voila!

After a quick trip to the store to pick up a cafe rod and a set of drapery clip rings it all came together.

So here is the before and after, side by side.

So what can I tell you about how this can work for you? First, if you want to make your windows appear larger, find a way to cover up less of them. Make use of the wall space - above if you're hanging a valance, or off to the sides if you're hanging panels. In this instance instead of measuring how far above the window I could go, I pulled the blinds as far open as they would go, and made sure the valance just covered the bottom edge. This way when the blinds are all the way open you can't even see them. Secondly, (and this seems obvious) think about the color of the curtains. The previous valance in this space was a dark brown, almost exactly the same as the cabinets and it made the window feel tiny. This valance is nearly the same color as the walls and instead of stopping the eye in the middle of the window, it draws the eye upward.

So there you go. You can use these tricks yourself, or call me to do it for you.

If you're looking to use this trick in your home, here are a few products on Amazon (yay for free shipping!) that can help you out.

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