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June 20, 2017


 So you've just finished your favorite bottle of wine... now what?  Do you just throw that beautiful cork away?  Nope!  Create something with it.  Here are 4 simple ideas to use that cork.


#1 - Create a family monogram


 This version is framed, but you can make your own by using a hot glue gun to attach corks to a cardboard backing cut to your desired shape.  You many have to trim a few corks to size as well.  Then either attach a hook to the back, or cut a hole and use a decorative ribbon to hang it on your wall.


#2 - Use as vases for mini-air plants



Now I'll admit I'm as black of a thumb as they come, but supposedly air plants  are near impossible to kill.  Use an x-acto knife to hollow out the middles of the cork from one end and insert the plant cuttings.  Use a hot glue gun to attach magnets (if you want to put these on your fridge) or hooks (if you want to mount these on a wall).  


#3 - Make a keychain



You can find a split-ring and a threaded screw eye at any hardware store.  Poke a guide hole on end of the cork, fill with a strong glue (like E6000) and insert the screw eye.  Let it dry for 24 hours, attach your split ring and voila!  If you're really artistic you could also play around with making a wire wrapped version, or adding beads or charms as well.


#4 - Jewelry



Use an x-acto knife to cut thin discs of your cork (but not too thin if you want to use threaded screw eyes shown).  Follow the instructions above on the keychain for securing the ring.  Then use stamps, paint, glitter glue or whatever you want to create little pendants.  These can be used for necklaces, earrings or charm bracelets.


So start saving those corks now!  You can even start your collection of corks by hiring me to come over for a wine&design chat.  I'll bring a bottle and we can have a relaxed conversation about your design dilemas and how I can help solve them with you.  Click on the "book now" tab or call me today!




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